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Friday, September 19, 2014

Division in a bathtub.

My previous posts have shown my figures organized with one stand equal (more or less) to a platoon, or to five tanks.

If a stand is a company of infantry or 15 tanks, something like this becomes possible:

A 1945 Panzer Grenadier division:

The Divisional assets.  Clockwise from the front, Division HQ, AT Battalion, Engineers, Recce, and AA)

Half-Track Equipped Grenadiers - Command, two battalions (one in trucks) and regimental weapons, mortar, and recon.

Motorized Grenadiers (Yes, short a truck)

And the Panzer regiment.

Am am still short the artillery, and if I continue to use standard BKC scale they will still be off table.  I am short a few AA assets and the like but they can be filled in over time.

All in all, organized into regimental Kampfgruppen  this offers a fun range of equipment for a club game with each player getting a well-rounded regiment.

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