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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some new bits and pieces

I had an idea a while ago for a Romanian shore battery to resist my Soviet BKA "floating tank".

Working with the folks at Pendraken, I ordered in a resin "PS31" - a 19 Century barbette gun position in resin.  This is how the kit comes - that is, from right to left, a gun on fortress carriage, a fortress platform, and the position itself.  The resin base is exactly 6cm wide across the rear.

Set up with a french heavy gun crew from the Franco Prussian War line  it will be ready to disturb Fritz's lunch.  It would, or coarse, work just fine with any gunners from the later half of the 19th Century.

Since Romanian coastal artillery were manned by sailors who used the Adrian helmet, a combination of French WWII and de-pom-pommed FPW sailors will make a good WWII crew.  The gun is a 6" naval gun from the Boer War line where it is regularly sold on a railway mount.

I've also obtained some Adrian-helmeted Pendraken SCW figures to add  my Pendraken WWI French infantry to form the battery's Romanian Marine defense unit.

The guys at Pendraken were very nice about putting this together for me as a special order.  I'll post WIP pics as I go forward.

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