Some Reference Material

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Some 10mm figure dimensions

Element Frontage Depth
Pendraken MG42 on tripod 18 23
Pendraken MG bipod prone 17 20
Pendraken Panzerschreck team prone 21
Pendraken 75mm IG + crew 18 29
Pendraken 80mm mortar + crew 21 10
50mm AT + crew 26 31
75mm AT + crew 30 37

In general:

All support teams would work on 25mm square.  AT guns would all work on 30mm frontage with 40mm depth. Field guns and vehicles are fine as is. For most infantry 30mm frontage by 25mm depth would be generous.

I will probably keep my unique BKC command, recon and observer stands and add new "special" stands for each other system. 

Why Rebase?

I was looking for a Quote I thought I remembered from Marcus Aurelius.  Instead, I found this great article from Quote Investigator.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Basing and Multiple Rules

I have had great fun with Blitzkrieg Commander II (BKC) and it will probably stay my go-to rules for stand=platoon combat -- although I intend to take a hard look at Fist Full of Tows (FFT).  But I also want to try some alternative scales.

Panzer Korps (PK)  is a set of rules for stand=company action.  Stands are organized in Battalion sized units which fight as one unit, an approach familiar to gamers from pretty much any period except WWII.

The old Wargames Research Group (WRG) Armour and Infantry rules had a lot of traction here 35-40 years ago and if I want to get some old friends over for a comfortable game why re-invent the wheel?

BKC is very base size agnostic; but my existing infantry and support weapon bases are 40x30 mm
  • PK is documented as preferring 1" square or so bases, and looks like it will be simpler if support attachments are on smaller bases than "core" companies.
  • WRG really will not look right with my big meaty infantry bases, and as a tactical set will need a way to distinguish small support weapons like LMGs that are "baked in" to BKC stands.
  • FFT calls for fairly small bases; you can see the 1:300 origin of the ground scale expectations.
  • In BKC I am not happy with the frontage of support AT guns which I have on 40mm squares and which should have a less obtrusive frontage.
  • Each system has its own expectations about on-board command stands.
So the general plan is:
  • Rebase infantry, crew served weapons, and guns around a scheme (yet to be decided) that is compatible with all three systems.
  • Existing BKC-mounted specialist stands such as command and forward observer might remain unchanged,  On the other hand, I do think the command stands are a bit clunky although I like the distinct hex shapes.
  • Create redundant command stands sets, one for each rule set, for units appropriate to each rule set as required by the rule set.  Good chance to include labels and indicator such as minibits dice frames where useful.
  • For each game attach appropriate "line" stands as needed to the specific command figures to form units.
I need to think through this; expect to see a more detailed construction plan to come.  There are lots of undeployed figures in the pipeline so this is also a good time to get more units going at least for some systems.