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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Some 10mm figure dimensions

Element Frontage Depth
Pendraken MG42 on tripod 18 23
Pendraken MG bipod prone 17 20
Pendraken Panzerschreck team prone 21
Pendraken 75mm IG + crew 18 29
Pendraken 80mm mortar + crew 21 10
50mm AT + crew 26 31
75mm AT + crew 30 37

In general:

All support teams would work on 25mm square.  AT guns would all work on 30mm frontage with 40mm depth. Field guns and vehicles are fine as is. For most infantry 30mm frontage by 25mm depth would be generous.

I will probably keep my unique BKC command, recon and observer stands and add new "special" stands for each other system. 

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